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Can a normal human wield a light saber?

What inspired this question, you might ask? And the answer isn't an obsession with Star Wars. It's actually because of that ridiculous TV series on Cartoon Network. With the cheesy dialogue and the stiff dueling, its a wonder they're bringing it back for a second season.

The Season Finale, which, unfortunately, we all sat down to watch, was very weird. Anakin was going on and on about Padme working too much, and he says : "This light saber is my life." Then, he gives it to her. Later, she's captured by some bounty hunters and she still has the light saber. I figured she was going to use it to kill her captors. I was met with resistance.

"Can she even use it? She's not a Jedi!" Honestly, I think a normal human can. Even though : we don't have quick reflexes like Jedi's do, so we probably wouldn't last very long in battle. A normal human would be struggling to turn the thing on while a red bullet races toward their chest at 90 miles per hour. Unlike the cheap, plastic light saber they sell at the forever 'Going out of business' KB Toy Store, you don't just push a button to release the laser. Unless you do, and then I'm sorry.

But then again, do you really need the reflexes of a Jedi Master to swing a sword around? I mean, you might be a little shaky, but I'm sure you could fend off the attacks coming from an electrocuted piece of sagging flesh. He does have 'unlimited power' though, so in the end you'll probably be fried to a crisp. That doesn't help my case so I probably shouldn't have said that.

So what do you think? Can a normal human wield a light saber? I'm sure somebody knows the answer, but in the end, the only thing we'll ever wield is some cheap plastic light saber they sell at KB Toy Store. And if we ever get a real one in our hands, let's hope we don't use it like this guy!

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A light saber is a unique tool of the Jedi. It has deflection abilities and though it only spits out a saber of light, it can cut through metal floors and droids.

Padme is a nut case. Why has George Lucas continue with the weird Clone Wars series? Gullible viewers like you that are drawn in to cheesy dialogue and Force Talk.

"The Force is strong" "The Force is this, the force is that" It seems that Master Ani calls things "his life" very easily.

If only Padme knew that he was going to Force Choke-Hold her in the near future.

Can a human, none Jedi hold the light saber. Of course they can, it only has ONE button! The question is, can they use it like a Jedi? By the way, Jedi's come in all flavors, Human and Alien.

I see the force is not very strong with you...if by force we mean you are taking this serious...then the force is strong with this one.

Better yet, you should examine the Yoda Contradictions. Ex. He can sense the destruction of a world, but can't sense that the Chancellor is a Sith!?!

Oh...my gosh, that show is so dumb. I absolutely can't take it. Um, why do we watch it again? This Anakin dude has really got a problem. He thinks like an immature little kid. And you know that junk with the lightsaber giving was all a setup. A wack one, of course. And Anakin is nothing without his lightsaber a.k.a. his life. He should think before giving it away(What is UP with that?)

Awe man its so silly because their powers are so unbalanced. I hope people don't use their lightsabers like that.